Day 0 - Goals

Finally feeling confident enough in my coding to have a go at 7DRL, so here goes!

I'm planning on trying to make a roguelike that fits within the limitations of an old console - screen resolution, palette, controls, etc. This isn't a particularly original idea, but it seems fun, and I'm hoping that by working within some constraints I'll be able to avoid scope creep. I'm leaning towards going for a Game Boy aesthetic, but that might change.

It's probably going to be a pretty small game, as most of my week is going to be taken up by my day job, but hopefully the end result will be fun (or at the very least, educational for me!).

There's a very loose set of things which I'm hoping to get out of this:

  • I'd like to learn more about the engine I'm using, so that I can dive straight into my next game with a good understanding of how stuff slots together.
  • I want to play around with co-routines - they seem like a really cool way of structuring logic that needs to run across multiple frames, but I've not quite got my head around them yet.
  • More than anything, I'd like to finish the dang thing! I tend to get distracted and flit between projects without ever getting anything done, so 7DRL is hopefully going to give me a kick up the rear to actually focus and finish a project.

Tools-wise, I'll be using:

  • C# - Probably my favorite language for game development!
  • FNA - One of the many open-source re-implementations of the XNA framework. I could use MonoGame, but I've found FNA to be a bit more stable, and a lot of the more experienced devs I follow on Twitter speak very highly of it.
  • Monocle - This is the engine from Towerfall and Celeste, which was graciously made open-source by Matt Thorson. I've been playing around with it in recent weeks, and I really like it! I've yet to find a way of making games that clicks better in my head than the scene-entity-component model, and this is a really nice implementation of it.

So yeah! I'm going to use the publish time of this devlog as my timer - seven days starts as soon as I hit save. Wish me luck :)

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