Day 1 - Basics

One day in, and I'm fairly happy with how things are going so far! Nothing mind-blowing to show yet, but it's a good base for me to work on.

I'm going to keep these updates fairly brief/bulleted - I don't want to waste too much of the seven days blogging!

What I got done:

  • Setting up the engine
  • Picking a palette and drawing some janky placeholder sprites
  • Loading the sprites in and hard-coding a map
  • Setting up basic player movement and collisions with the walls

What I'm doing today:

  • Quick refactor of the collisions - I'm way over-complicating things at the minute
  • Start to think about basic game mechanics - leaning towards trying to do a more turn-based, roguelike-y version of the GB Zelda games?
  • More map elements, maybe some random generation

Miscellaneous notes:

  • Monocle is an absolutely fantastic engine! Feeling way more productive since switching to it. My favorite features:
    • State machines and co-routines make it really easy to break up logic
    • Virtual inputs are lovely - had keyboard and joypad input up and running basically instantly
    • The VirtualMap class is really handy for defining grids of objects without allocating a ton of memory

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