Day 2 - Ups and Downs

Today's been a bit of a mixed bag - decent progress, followed by some really irritating technical issues, followed by a nice elegant solution!

What I got done:

  • Prettied up the sprites a bit, and added an angry spider boi
  • Implemented basic combat
  • Realized all of my actor code was turning into spaghetti city - I'd totally neglected to keep the turn-based parts separate from the real-time parts, and it all crumpled into a heap when I tried to make things run turn-by-turn
  • Despaired a bit
  • Began rewriting the actor/turn manager code based on one of Bob Nystrom's blog posts - this means that smooth animations and combat aren't currently working, but the code is approximately 5000% less buggy

What I'm doing today:

  • Finish refactoring the engine so that everything runs turn-by-turn
  • Figure out how to fit the animation and combat back in to this new system
  • Add some more mechanics/enemies
  • Map generation or multiple levels, maybe?

Miscellaneous notes:

  • I totally underestimated how differently you have to think about the structure of your code in a turn-based game! There's much more of a separation required between game state and rendering state, and it blindsided me somewhat. Feel like I've learned a lot from the past day's refactoring, frustrating as it was.
  • I'm using a co-routine to drive the turn order and block updates when something waiting to act - it's working out quite nicely, and the code is much more readable than trying to do it frame-by-frame.

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