Day 3 - Back on Track

A bit slow going yesterday as I repaired the collateral damage of the big refactor from day 2, but I still managed to get a decent amount added!

What I got done:

  • Brought back combat and animation (the latter in slightly janky form)
  • Made it so the enemies fight back - it's actually a game now!
  • Added a basic HUD so you can see how much health you have
  • Added some pillar tiles to make the map less boxy - as with the rest of the art, they're very heavily based off the Link's Awakening pillars. I'm not good enough at pixel art to come up with that kind of thing off the top of my head :p
  • Added very basic pathfinding so that the enemies will chase you down

What I'm doing today:

  • Adding some more map elements and enemies
  • More rooms!
  • Add animations for when actors attack/get attacked

Miscellaneous notes:

  • I'm starting to lean towards picking from a pool of pre-generated rooms rather than generating them, like Binding of Isaac does - not only will this probably make the quality of the levels better, it means I can use Ogmo or Tiled to play with the level design instead of having to do it all in code.

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