As you can probably guess from the lack of devlogs, I ended up having to bow out of 7DRL a few days early - this was mainly due to lack of time and me getting in over my head with a messy codebase. I'm disappointed to not have finished my game, but I've learned a lot from it, so I'm not writing this off as a total failure!

Here's a quick rundown of my takeaways from the week:

The good stuff

  • While I didn't get as far with my game as I'd like, it's at least fairly feature complete based on what I was aiming to achieve going in.
  • It was fun playing around with FNA and Monocle!
  • Working to a deadline and setting small daily goals really helped me stay focused - this is always something I've struggled with, so it's nice to prove I'm capable of getting stuff done!
  • I was pleasantly surprised by how my game ended up looking - I cribbed fairly heavily from existing games, but still!

The bad stuff

  • I burnt myself out super bad towards the middle of the week, spending all day at work and all evening coding my game. If I participate in another game jam, I need to set the scope way smaller and take more breaks. That, or take some time off work.
  • I totally underestimated how tricky it'd be to write a turn-based game - I feel like you have to be way more disciplined with the separation between the game logic and the display logic. This led to me getting tangled in my own spaghetti code more times than I'd like.

So yeah, that's my 7DRL wrapped up - not quite as successfully as I'd hoped, but I'm still happy to have taken part :) You can download my incomplete game below, if you so desire.

I think for my next project I'm going to have a play around with Unity, just due to the sheer amount of resources and tutorials out there. It's maybe not the strongest engine for 2D stuff, but I think it'd be handy to learn something that can work for 3D as well.

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