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Space is a lonely place, but at least you've got the music to keep you company.


  • Fly with the W and S keys.
    • You can also use the up and down keys, or a gamepad.
  • Pass through gates to play chords and stay alive.
  • Collect orbs to play notes and get bonus points.


This game (including all of the code, art and music) was created by Joe Clay for week 135 of WeeklyGameJam. The theme was 'Shooting Stars'.

The code is written in Rust, using the open-source Tetra game framework. It will be released under an open-source license after the jam ends.

The art was created in Adobe Photoshop, using the Endesga 32 palette.

The music was created in Ableton Live, using XLN Audio's Addictive Keys and SoundToys' LittlePlate.


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Windows (x64) 10 MB
Version 2


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I really like how the background piano sound is affected by my movements (whether I successfully eat the blue spheres & pass through gold rings)!

It's also nice to see how a game written with Rust :smile

Thank you for the kind words! Was nice to actually make something with Rust instead of just getting bogged down in engine dev like usual :p

Just realized I forgot to include the open-source licenses for the dependencies I used in the final download - I will push an update to fix this later today.

This is now done - all downloads of the game now come with a 'licenses' folder, containing the license for all open-source software used.

Awesome. I love music and mood in your game. 

Thanks 😊

Cool music, great smothness on controls! :D

Thank you!